Ronda Koko Promotions is a creative social marketing and promotions company that specializes in hosting events for urban professionals. Our events feature some of Chicago’s legendary DJs that have captivated audiences for nearly 25 years on the Chicago born House Music scene.

The end of Disco was probably the beginning of House, at least was the mood in the Chicago end of the 70 or else in the U.S. where over irritated the massive commercialization of the disco.  A real “disco sucks” campaign, which reached its climax in a call to the visitors of a baseball game in “Comiskey Park”, to calling their unwanted disco records to burn in common.

Back in the early 80’s began occasionally DJs such as Franky Knuckles the typical music synthesizer sound can be incorporated to the new electronic.  The format was then made to the DJ’s had the standard 12 “record is the time, more and more a tool of the new DJ culture has become with. Gradually, the DJ’s started to electronic beats with the classic disco record to merge . In mixing one part of a European power pop of Depeche Mode, Human League and Co and the disco classics such as Giorgio Moroder formed earlier slowly but surely, a new style of dance music.

Beginning of the 80 developed so slowly a little scene in the cities of Chicago and New York.  In both cities, developed almost simultaneously a club Kulter but fundamentally different musical traits had.  While in New York, a down-and midtempo sound established and Garage by Larry Levan played was in Paradise.  Chicago Was it the “Kids” from too slow.  They wanted to play with more energy and faster sound in your warehouse.  Both clubs had one thing in common, most of the audience were gay and only by this tolerant atmosphere could only establish a new music.
The decisive factor in the spread of this new music but had the radio, started in 1981 in Chicago, the first radio show, the first House of public approaches presented “Hot Mix 5”.  Among the DJ’s were some of the names for the development of instrumental sounds provided by the House have yet later, as well as Farley Jackmaster Funk Farley Keith of the then new music over the airwaves as sent.

In Chicago, the new sound becoming the trademark, the first record store of pure 12 “the Chicago sound sold with opened. To date, the sound was a mix of different plates and then in 1983 their first record was released to the musical style of Chicago on vinyl held. “Jesse Saunders – Fantasy” and later “On & On” were also hits for commercial radius of Chicago. For about the same time was “Z-Factor’s – i like to do it fast cars” out in the nochmehr electronic influences on set.
From the time more were always 12 “vinyls out with the sound of Chicago. Critical to the development of music was then in 1984, the development of a drum computer of the history of electronic music was received in.

Roland’s TR-909 was the most important backbone for the new dance music.  Quickly began to grow the scene in Chicago and there were founded two labels that, “Jack pressed onto vinyl.  Larry Sherman’s Trax Records and DJ International.  What Franky Knuckles Warehouse Club began in went there on it.  new sound of now “Jack” was known to have danced as more and more people in the warehouse and “Jack” came to the united kingdom also, where Jazzy M and later other great English DJ’s came in contact with the music.  “Steve” Silk “Hurley’s – jack your body” was then in 1986 the breakthrough in overseas.  After the new music under the designations or Jack House was known and the Larry Levan’s New York style became known as a garage, then has the generic term House naturalized.  The name comes from the place where House was played …  in the Warehouse in Chicago.

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